• Hygienic disposal of blood-stained items is essential.

  • Cover any open cuts or sores with bandages.

  • Practice safe sex.

  • In case you are a healthcare or public safety worker, always follow routine barrier precautions and safely handle needles and other sharp-edged instruments.

  • Do not donate blood, organs or tissue if you are infected as it may transmit hepatitis C to others.

  • Avoid sharing personal items that may be contaminated with blood (such as toothbrushes and razors).

  • Avoid tattooing, acupuncture or ear piercing when the equipment is not known to be adequately sterilized.


How can we prevent hepatitis C?

We know that "Prevention is better than cure". This is especially true in case of hepatitis C as there is no vaccine to prevent this disease.
So here are a few easy-to-follow precautions to help you prevent hepatitis C and reduce transmission to others.