ACT-C is a public service initiative from Cipla. Our objective is to support people who are suffering from hepatitis C through our education and awareness initiatives. As one of the leading pharma companies in India, our mission is to make medicines affordable and accessible for silent killers like hepatitis C and hepatitis B.

ACT-C has several ongoing awareness programmes and activities like hepatitis screening camps, hepatitis awareness resources and this website, All these ACT-C initiatives are committed to one cause-to help people stay up-to-date with all information on hepatitis C so as to achieve better disease control and effective treatment of hepatitis C.

If you just found out that you have hepatitis C, you’re likely worried. You may be wondering how it is going to affect your life. It may help to know that though hepatitis C can be a serious health issue, it is not life-threatening for most people. You can take steps to help your body fight back. This website will help you learn more about hepatitis C.