About Cipla

Since our inception in 1935, caring has been at the core of everything we do at Cipla. We believe in continued access to the highest quality medicines at affordable prices - whether a disease affects millions or a few hundreds. We believe in the ideology that “None Shall be Denied”.

Cipla has played a key role in laying the foundation of the modern pharmaceutical industry and making India self-reliant in healthcare. We have over 30 manufacturing plants that offer world-class quality products across 65 therapeutic categories, available in more than 60 dosage forms, which cater to just about every illness. Our continuous innovation in R&D has resulted in many firsts in the world. Cipla has shown a constant commitment to serve humanity and to support, improve and save millions of lives with its innovative drugs and devices.

With a strong leadership position, Cipla has the widest range of products for hepatitis in India. On the completion of our 80th year, Cipla reaffirms its dedication to improve and save lives across the world. ACT-C (Awareness, Counselling & Treatment for Hepatitis C) is a public service initiative funded by an educational grant from Cipla.

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